On the weekend we went to the beach to watch the big big moon. Although the weather is so cold, we still want to go to the beach for the moon which is most closest earth.

                        Walking along the beach, I’m so relax. Sometimes I like to stay alone to relax my mind.  We chatted along the beach sang the song along the beach. It’s so great to spend the time with friends with the awesome atmosphere.



   walking along the beach







      see!!! there is the big big moon







   stay on the beach



          15/03/2011,  the 9.0 earthquake happend in Japan. Morevoer, the Tsunami also cover the Sendai. The earthquake is cause the 8113 people dead, 12272 people missing. Many people are too late to rub away due to the fourteen meters Tsunami. In addition, the Fukushima nuclear power plant’s explosion led to serious radiation which is affect the food ,water and environment.  I was very sad when I heraed this bad new. I think we should keep doing  our best to help them rebuild their home. We can never imagine how much grief they feel. But it is so happy that Japan receive the help from every country every place. Even though not the materials help but many people send their blessing to Japan.




         The blessing from London








              The Fundraising








        The blessing from Astralia  






                       The love is exist all over the world

                        Keep helping and blessing Japan




                   In the day of my birthday Originally, I thought nobody will not celebrate for me, but my friends give me the big big surprise.  I’m so touching.

                 They  all prepare in the Days, we are have the lunch  together. . This is my first time to celebrate birthday abroad even though i don’t have parents to company, they still make me so warm. To pass the birthday is means that I has been the year old and I should be more mature.  As for my birthday wish, I hope I can go to my ideal university and master degree. During the dinner, we had a lot of fun, chatted  toghter, ate dilicious food , sang the birthday for me and also received a lot of gifts. Ths most surprise is that I received the gifts and card from my homesfamily. It’s feel so so warm.


                     After finished the meal, we went to play pool and also drank. Although my pool skill is not very well, i like to watch beside. It’s very exciting like to see the competition. In addition, I could learn the skills by watching the game. I really like the feeling that every body together.




                          Next, we went to Korea’s resturant to eating dinner. We ordered the BBQ and bibimbap which is so delicious. After knew my birthday, the boss in the resturant also serve a lot of delicious foods for free. I think this is the most interesting birthday that I ever  had.




        Final exam is coming soon. Because of this, I have to review all the subjects and also wrote hand on my book. My revision tips can be divided into three stages: internet, books and notes.

         I will go to some websites to find the information such as tutor2u, scribd, etc. This is a good way to get the extra data that couldn’t earn in the class. Book use is also the good way to revision because all the data are in the book. However, the information in the book are just the basic information and also be limited. In my opinion, book is useful but the information is not enough.

       Turning to the notes, the notes are very important because there are the key points that the teacher gave. So, I would like to watch the notes rather than books.


       In the Easter holiday, my friend and I will go to Frence to celebrate. In addition, we will stay four days there. We plan to go to the Eiffel tower, Paris guide and Notre- Dame cathedral where is the most famous place in French. I think we will have a lot of fun in the Easter holiday.



          During this week, we have the business presentation which is the half term homework. In addition, this homework is very important because the mark will affect the final result. In this week, I review all the notes that I had written before. I have to find some information to do the presentation. The revision including the SWOT analysis, marketing mix, marketing research and Boston Matrix. I found the information not only in the note, but also in the books and test paper. After finished the revision, I understand the wider range of all the parts in business. Furthermore, I’m more familiar with all the subjects .

         On the other hand, the IELTS is coming soon. I borrowed some books from the library and do the practice again and again. I hope I can achieve 6.5 in IELTS.



        I came to Bellerbys in July 2010. In this school, It very different by comparing with the college in Taiwan. This is a very modern school. Bellerbys left a very deep impression for me.

           In my first day in Bellerbys, I felt very fresh in everything. The most impressive that is the teaching methods. In Taiwan, using textbooks are most general activities. In contrast, the teachers in here are quite different. There are activities between students and teachers frequently and the textbooks are less than in the Taiwan college. I have learned a lots in Bellerbys. It’s not only contact with the culture from different country, but also learned many professional skills. The most important is that I improve my English with a great degeree.

          After finishing the master degree in UK, I want to be the English tutor in Taiwan. Moreover, I will work in the Foreign trade company. I choose these two jobs because I want to keep learning English and also get the work experiences. After getting enough experience, I will go back to my father’s company and help him to enter the international market. This is my ideal future plan, I hope my dream will come true oneday.


         During the period in the half term, I am improve myself continuously. No matter which subject in this term, I have a great progress compare with the last term.

         During the half term, I went to the two universities trip: Oxford Brookes and Kent. Both of them are the good university. There is the big residence and beautiful campus. In addition, it’s very convenient because there are a lot of stores and restaurant, etc. The university trip let me more understand the university in UK and also understand the characteristic of many universities.      


      In April, I have the IETLS exam, I need to do more practice in order to achieve 6.5. More practice and more reading, listening are the most important thing that I have to do .Next term, I will keep this spirit and work harder to go to my ideal university.